Adam's Calendar

Posted on Thu September 14, 2023.

Adam's Calendar, also known as Adam's Calendar Stone Ruins or Enkosi, is a prominent archaeological site located in Mpumalanga, South Africa. It's a controversial site that some claim to be one of the oldest man-made structures on Earth, dating back thousands of years. Here are some key details about Adam's Calendar:

Age and Controversy: The age of Adam's Calendar is a subject of debate among archaeologists, geologists, and researchers. Some proponents claim that it is around 75,000 years old, making it significantly older than other well-known ancient sites like Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. However, these claims are not widely accepted in the scientific community.
Stone Circle Configuration: Adam's Calendar consists of a circular arrangement of stones, with a large central monolith or "calendar stone" standing vertically. The stones are believed to have been positioned to align with the movements of the sun and stars.
Astronomical Significance: Supporters of Adam's Calendar argue that its alignment with celestial phenomena, such as the solstices and equinoxes, suggests that it was used for astronomical and calendar purposes. Some even claim that it was a site of advanced ancient knowledge.
Cultural and Historical Context: The site is associated with the local indigenous people and their cultural practices. It is suggested that it may have been used for rituals, ceremonies, or as a gathering place. It is also situated in an area known for its ancient gold mining activities.
Geological Formation: Skeptics argue that the stone arrangement and its alignment with celestial events could be coincidental and that the site may be a natural geological formation rather than a deliberately constructed calendar or monument.
Research and Exploration: Various researchers and authors have conducted studies and investigations at Adam's Calendar, often with the aim of exploring its age and significance. Some have proposed hypotheses about its use as a calendar or observatory.
Tourist Attraction: Regardless of its exact age and purpose, Adam's Calendar has become a tourist attraction in recent years. Visitors come to the site to see the stone arrangement, experience its mystical atmosphere, and ponder its potential historical significance.
In summary, Adam's Calendar is a stone circle site in South Africa that has generated significant interest and debate due to claims of its ancient age and possible astronomical significance. While it remains a subject of research and exploration, its true age and purpose continue to be a topic of controversy in the archaeological and scientific communities.