Ditch Ordinary, Embrace the Extraordinary: Unleash the Wild in Marloth Park!

Posted on Wed February 7, 2024.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can dive into the extraordinary? Marloth Park isn't your run-of-the-mill destination; it's a wild playground waiting to turn your holiday tales from "meh" to "WOW!" So, buckle up, fellow adventurers! We've got a checklist that'll make your kids brag about the coolest holiday ever and your new spouse reminisce about the honeymoon of a lifetime. Let's banish boredom and kick off a wild journey in Marloth Park!

1. Elephant Interaction: Unveiling the Gentle Giants

Ever dreamt of meeting an elephant with a personality? Head over and greet Twali, the once wild elephant turned amicable host. After decades of bonding with Amos, Twali can't wait to welcome you. Bring a couple of apples or oranges – the way to an elephant's heart!

2. Horseback Safari: Wild Rides with Pachyderm Neighbors

Saddle up for an unforgettable adventure! Right next to Amos and Twali's abode, a few rebellious elephants have found a new home. Novice or showjumper, there's a horse for everyone. Overcoming fears? These horses and elephants have written the book on it!

3. Tiger Fish Expedition: Hook, Line, and Wild Stories

Get ready for a reel adventure! Catch and release the legendary tiger fish, and rumor has it, it bites! Rent top-notch equipment from our experienced skipper and add a wild twist to your fishing tales.

4. Sunset Cruise: Drifting into the Twilight Magic

Embark on a serene cruise down the Komati River as the sun bids farewell. Pack a picnic basket, raise a toast, and throw something delicious on the onboard barbecue. Let the river set the stage for a romantic twilight feast.

5. Walking Safari in Kruger: Footsteps into the Wild

Step into a different realm. A walking safari in Kruger brings you closer to the game like never before. Armed guides ensure your safety, allowing you to immerse yourself in the untamed beauty on foot. It's a safari of a different stride!

6. Dinner Under the Stars: From Dusk Till Deliciousness

Hop on an open vehicle game drive, transcending from sunset to the dark embrace of the night. Conclude at an open-air "Bush Braai Site" where an armed ranger ensures you're not on the menu. Dinner under the stars – an exquisite feast with a side of adventure!

7. Come and visit us at the info center.

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