Electricity alert!!

Posted on Sat December 23, 2023.

Its is the jolly festive season!! Please keep it jolly!

Hey Marloth Park champs! 🌿🌍 Let's chat about keeping the energy vibes strong! A massive high-five to Eskom for the load shedding break—legendary move! But hey, we're walking a bit of a tightrope with our electricity stash, so let's be power-savvy to keep the good times rolling.

Here's the lowdown: Overdoing it could lead to blackout central, and we've already had a transformer do a dramatic burnout dance in Hornbill/Jackal territory. Yikes! 🕺

Fear not, though! We've got a power plan to keep the lights on and the good vibes flowing:

1. Cooking? Gas or old-school fire is the way to roll.
2. Cooling vibes? Opt for a fan over the power-hungry air-conditioner.
3. AC essentials? If you must, set it to a cool 23 degrees Celsius—your sweet spot!
4. Empty room alert! Never leave the AC on when you are spending time in the pool.

Even if your crib's rocking a solar backup, remember, the sun's taking a vacay behind those rain clouds. 🌧️ Let's all be energy heroes and keep Marloth Park shining bright! 🌟💚 Thanks for being the eco-warriors we know you are! 💡🍃