Turbo boost your leave days to vacations in 2024

Posted on Fri November 10, 2023.

With good planning and clever strategic moves you can combine your precious leave days into super holiday periods by making use of the many public holidays in our country!

Plan your holidays like a pro. For those of you that are not limited to only school holidays these dates should all work for you. Of course for those of you that are on a constant retirement holiday or if you work from home you can do as you please. So, whether you want to make better use of your limited leave days by combining them with the public holidays or if you specifically want to avoid going on leave during these popular times .... Here's the scoop:

1. Take 5 Leave Days: 21 March to 1 April

Public Holiday: Human Rights Day on 21 March
Throw in 5 leave days, and voila! An 11-day vacation extravaganza.

2. Take 4 Leave Days and enjoy a 9 day holiday. Call it a workers holiday!!!

29 April to 5 May. Public Holiday: Freedom Day on 27 April, Workers day 1 May.

3. Spend only four of your precious leave days and enjoy a 9 day vacation!!

15 to 23 June. Public Holiday: Youth Day on 16 June

4: During the period from 13 to 21 of July you have two options... You can opt for 4 leave days and spend all that time (9 days) on vacation or you can put in only one day of leave and enjoy a four day break while celebrating Mandela Day on the 18th of July.

5. On the 9th of August it is time to honor all the ladies in your life by celebrating women's day. Do it in style by taking four days leave and enjoy a 9 day vacation from 3 to 11 August.

6.  You have two options again. which will include the 24th of September, our nations most popular traditional holiday … Heritage day or as commonly known, National Braai Day! The conservative one would be to take Monday 23 September off from work and enjoy a four day break from 21 to 24 September. The turbo boosted option would be to take 4 days leave and go on a vacation for nine days from 21 to 29 September.

7. This is the BEEEG one! If you really plan to do this we advise you to book your holiday now!

From 21 December 2024 right through to 5 January 2025 you can take that well deserved break for a bit more than two weeks while you waste a mere 7 leave days. This time includes Christmas day and New years day and all the festive days that accompany them.

Now, you've got a holiday strategy that's practically an art form. Time to relax, explore, and enjoy Marloth Park's charm!